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E&O = Peace of Mind for your Agency


Our nationally recognized team has been writing Agents E & O for many years. Whether you’re a Personal or Commercial lines agent, Specialist or Generalist, Mom and Pops or Corporate Operation, we have the companies to get you covered properly and with the best possible terms.

Insurance Agent 


With our comprehensive experience and offerings, you don’t have to worry

Target Classes:


  • Independent Agents & Brokers
  • Wholesale Brokers
  • MGAs
  • Program Administrators
  • Franchises
  • Available Coverages
  • Broad Definition of “Insured”
  • Blanket Coverage for Independent Contractors
  • Enhanced Insolvency
  • Supplementary Payments
  • Duty to Defend
  • Prior Acts Coverage

Dollar Details:


  • $1,000 minimum premium
  • $2,500 minimum deductible
  • Up to $2,000,000 aggregate limit
  • Up to $20,000,000 limit (specialty / large operations)

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