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Program Highlights

  • Admitted A.M. BEST “A” RATED carrier available in all 50 States of US and DC.
  • Coverages are offered up to $5m per location for property and $2m per occurrence/ $4m
  • aggregate casualty per insured.
  • ISO filed BOP.
  • Minimum Premium $500.
  • There are 1200+ professions listed in this appetite guide and over 600 we will consider writing as tenant or owner
  • occupied risks. (See attached list for list of classes that match our appetite).
  • We will consider new ventures
  • We do provide an Umbrella quote up to $5,000,000 upon request.


BOP Appetite

Our BOP program is designed for small businesses with sales up to $15m and up to 50 employees.

Our Support Team Is Ready

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